As humans, we think us in charge and in domination of the planet. But the more we challenge the ecosystem, the more threats arise from nature. The more we find out that we are not the masters of the world, the more we discover that we are animals among other species, to finally be aware that our fate is tied together. — Davide Gambino, Director of The Second Life

In a society that has lost touch with nature, three world-class museum taxidermist compete at the next European Taxidermy Championship to defend a world that soon might be lost.


  • World premiere at DOK.Fest Munich 2020
  • DOK.fest München 2020 Winner — Official Selection
  • International Premiere at Warsaw Film Festival 2020
  • Warsaw Film Festival 2020 Winner — Official Selection
  • Italian Premiere at Biografilm 2021
  • Biografilm Festival 2021 Winner — International Celebration of Lives
  • SiciliAmbiente Film Festival 2021 Winner — Best Documentary

in press

  • RTBF — « The Second life » : portrait de taxidermistes qui rêvent d'une société plus proche de la nature


  • Maurizio Gattabria as Maurizio Gattabria
  • Robert Stein as Robert Stein
  • Christophe de Mey as Christophe de Mey


  • Director Davide Gambino
  • Writer Davide Gambino
  • DOP Dieter Stürmer
  • Editor Simon Arazi & Christelle Berry
  • Music Jan Swerts
  • Producers Thurn Film & Mon Amour Film & TAKE FIVE