by Federico Ariu

Short Film

"Hudûd" is a term used in Islamic law to refer to the sentences laid down by the Koran or the Sunna. A sentence is mandatory if the judge cannot change it because it is ordered by God. This term stands in opposition with sentences that may be adapted by the court.

Shayan and Homayoun are two undocumented Iranians who are waiting to obtain their papers. Together with around 15 other Iranians, they have been sheltered for months in a church in the heart of Brussels.

After weeks of negotiations, the police turn up at the church to move the foreigners to detention centres. Their cases will be reviewed one last time, after which they might be repatriated to Iran.

Driven to despair, Homayoun and Shayan make a final attempt by climbing to the top of a crane, defying a country where human rights should not be ignored.


  • With Reza Rahmaniyan
  • Beyrouz Maghidi
  • Steve Driesen
  • François Beukelaers
  • Javad Koohnenhani
  • Shayan A.


  • Director Federico Ariu
  • DOP Tiago Mesquita
  • Editing Christelle Berry